Energia audit

NOLATO audit - 2015

Preparing the energy audit of NOLATO Hungary Ltd. According to the Government Decree No. 122/2015. (V.26.) on the energy audit of large companies.

Liget Budapest Project - Budapest, Hungary - 2014

Budapest Liget – Preparation of the energy concept for the new museum district.

Dreher Hungary Plc. Energy Rationalization Implementation II. - 2012

Condensate treatment and heat recovery of effluent water from the vapour condensers of the main house, professional consultancy and carrying out a complex conceptual system design compliant design and construction work.

Dreher Hungary Plc. Energy Rationalization Implementation I. - 2011

Indoor and outdoor lighting renovation, construction work of the heat recovery for the steam system and installation of the supervision system.

Dreher Hungary Plc. Energy Audit - 2010

Preparation of the energy audit related to the total energy supply of Dreher Breweries Plc.

Hungarian National Bank Energy Audit - 2012

Preparation of a complete energy audit for the main administrative building and the building of logistics of the HNB

Concept Plan for Net-Zero Office Building - 2012

Váci út 96. - V96 - Preparation of building engineering chapters in the feasibility study of a zero-energy office.