Water Treatment

Kaiser Food Kft. Szolnok, Hungary- 2014

Providing 900m3 / day drinking water demand from newly installed wells in drinking water quality, design and construction.

Környe / Hungary - Bridgestone - 2013-2014

2×25m3 Reverse Osmosis equipment with activated carbon filter and double-column secondary softener, phosphate and corrosion inhibitors, as well as oxygen absorbing chemical dosing. Tender and execution design to meet different technological requirements (steam boilers, cooling towers, water spraying).

Tengizchevroil - Tengiz, Kazahstan - 2010 

Complete building services engineering plans: comfort and process ventilation, heating, cooling, water supply, sewerage, design of gas supply for staff accommodation with a water demand of 2000m3 / day including the related water treatment and piping design.

Dreher Breweries Ltd. Budapest, Hungary - 2010

Renovation of drinking water wells associated with the design work of a 7 km long transmission line for a water demand of 2500 m3 / day.

Hungary - Tesco supermarkets - 2009-2010

Water treatment of underground water systems used for heating, watering and flushing supply.

Nidan Cannery - Moscow, Russia - 2006

Designing satisfactory water supply using existing wells for a requirement of 3000m3 / day industrial, technological and steam demand including complete water treatment.